Red Lantern Analytica . We are an international affairs observer group based out of New Delhi, India, researching upon critical issues related to China, with a special focus on Sino-India relations.

Why China?

  • The most populous country, while being the manufacturing hub of the world.
  • Limited research from an external perspective.
  • Rise as a challenger to US unipolarity.

Why China & India?

  • 21st century being hailed as an ‘Asian century’.
  • Emergence of India and China as superpowers.
  • Importance of the two nations in the realm of geopolitics – home to 2.8 billion people!
  • Shift in global trends due to the pandemic.

The Idea behind RLA


  • International relations study limited to very few audiences.
  • Lack of understanding of IR & foreign policy in a layman’s mind.
  • Need to disseminate information on international affairs to a common man.
  • Hence, will increase the overall participation of our population in the policy making process, thereby empowering the people and the youth of our nation.

This gives rise to our motto ENLIGHTEN TO EMPOWER


To actively contribute towards the research on China from a global and domestic perspective.


  1. To set up a globally recognized research organisation that banks on high end research and studies to better understand the growing importance of China in global affairs.
  2. To let the world better understand China and its relations with various stakeholders
  3. 21st Century is the Asian Century and world needs to focus on China and India, therefore RLA will become a strong knowledge provider of the same.