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Armenian Factor in the Civilizational Transition

Mankind’s cosmic history has come to the brink of annihilation many times, and it has been saved many times․ The Armenian Highland and the Armenian civilization have always been at the center of the “savior” campaign. Furthermore, the Armenian people are widely considered one of the first globalizers in the world. Armenian monks, scientists, and merchants would export and disseminate their knowledge and experience regarding their cosmic mission of serving a harmonious world aiming at peaceful and prosperous coexistence between people without imposed matrixes. Many historians and analysts say that the information shared by the Armenians was considered absolutely true in ancient times and the middle ages. Then, the information flow was slow but trusted unlike nowadays when people get information from billions of sources in seconds but none is trusted.

Armenia always had the mission of being a civilizational communicator between states and peoples since prehistoric times. The Armenian civilization has always balanced the East and the West, the South and the North, the examples of which are Mets Hayq (Kingdom of Greater Armenia) vis-a-vis the Roman & Partian and then Sasanid Empires, the Arab Caliphate & Byzantine Empire, etc. Even in times when the Armenians did not have a state, the Armenian people still undertook that communicator role, i.e. the Armenian merchants of Jugha (Julfa) and India who were a prominent force in world trade and politics in the middle ages. The Armenian merchants were so respected and accepted in Asia and Europe that non-Armenians would dress up in Armenian uniforms thus allowing them to open closed doors.

The Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia is of particular interest regarding the communicator mission. In the 12th and 13th centuries, the unstoppable military hurricane of the Mongols stopped in the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia. It gave a new breath into the idea of co-creation and solidarity, communicating the foundations and essence of Christianity with the most important functions of Islam and Tengriism. As a result, instead of destructive wars Europe received the spiritual wave of the Renaissance which had originated in Cilicia.

Humanity is facing another unprecedented challenge now as mankind is in an ideological unease. Universal catastrophe is inevitable unless humanity finds a new civilizational landmark of coexistence which is the only guarantee leading to stable security for all peoples. The world once more is in dire need of a communicator with historical wisdom and institutional memory. The Armenian contingent in Armenia and in the Armenian Diaspora has started working on taking up its civilizational communicator role with several ongoing projects (“Indo-European” project, “Cilicia” project, “Old Civilizations” project, “Africa” project, etc.). The “Cilicia” project, for example, is called to ensure today’s civilizational transition to a new, harmonious world, the purpose of which is to contribute to the establishment of the solidarity of human communities, based on their creative cooperation, that is:

  • Ensuring mutual recognition and spiritual-cultural cooperation between countries and peoples;
  • Priority of moral and ethical norms in the formation of infrastructures (Dictatorship of Conscience);
  • Armenians’ commitment to assuming the role of communicator between different worlds;
  • Implementation of fruitful creative activity by combining the bases of all faiths;
  • Continuous reforms based on the value system concept of man and humanity.

In this context, the solution to the security problems of the Armenians presupposes, first of all, the formation of the security system of the Homeland (the comprehensive living space of the Armenians) and the Armenian civilizational area (Greater Middle East), together with the indigenous peoples of the region, as a unified system. The “Cilicia” project is the formation of a system anchored to the fundamental mission of humanity, which in the memory of both Armenians and other peoples of the region is identified with a lifeline in the most difficult existential situations. It is a package of programs covering the whole of life.

The roadmap to those civilizational projects is composed of three layers. First and foremost, it is the sacral, spiritual, and cosmic levels where the spiritual and faith leaders, philosophers, thinkers, and scientists will get together and discuss and debate mankind’s development path in a harmonious world. And the Holy Mountain Ararat’s valley should serve as a sacral place for a civilizational breakthrough – with its yearly meetups and permanent structures where all peoples will have their ambassadors. The second layer is the administrative stuff – those in business and decision-making who will follow the advice from the first layer in order to compose actual projects on the soil. And the last layer is the pilgrims – the people who will be working on hundreds of projects and showing actual changes in people’s lives globally. Therefore, in the build-up process of a harmonious world, the main focus for its cosmic dissemination is reaching not only people’s brains but more importantly – people’s hearts. Harmony must prevail.

Vahram Ayvazyan is the Founder of the Network State Panarmenian Movement. He is the Board Chairman of the Network State Panarmenian Foundation

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vahram-ayvazyan/

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