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The Darker Side of China’s ‘Red Tourism’ That No One Talks About

by Akshara Bharat This year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. The country has stepped up the efforts...

CCP Centenary: A Hundred Years of Crisis, Cruelty & Purges

by Team Red Lantern Analytica The now-famous science-fiction show, Star Trek, has traversed several decades, expanded into many series, various franchises, fan-fiction, producing hundreds of...

Evolving Australia-Japan Defense Ties

by Simran Walia Australia and Japan are two vital partners in the Indo-Pacific region and the Quad and are special strategic partners that are committed...

Constructing China: Clashing Views of the People’s Republic,

Gao Mobo, Pluto Press, 2018, 288 pages, Paperback, INR 2075.00/- Contemporary academic arena dealing with international politics is flooded with research analysing the rise of...

China’s Mumbai Cyber Attack: Using Fear As A Tool for Diplomatic Strong-arming

By Bhavdeep Modi (Research Manager, Red Lantern Analytica and Post-graduate Student, JSIA, India) The Galwan clash between India and China in June 2020, and the...

China’s 2019 Defense White Paper

By Bhavdeep Modi China’s 2019 Defense White Paper & how it is influencing current actions by China under Xi: China released China’s National Defense in the...
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