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Tracker ,11 Oct , 2021


Public Diplomacy Galore: As New Delhi and US resettle in the Global Order

By Dr. Manan Dwivedi * and Shonit Nayan ** Public Diplomacy is a spectacle par excellence but never a Tamasha, or a mere showmanship for...

Why Should India Matter More To The Quad In A Multi-Lateral World?

by Bhavdeep Modi (Project Manager, Red Lantern Analytica) On March 12, 2021, the Quad, while issuing a joint statement, said that it is “united in...

The inclusiveness of a Free and Open Indo Pacific construct vis a vis China

By Shiveti Biswas. The inclusiveness of a Free and Open Indo Pacific construct vis a vis China The term Indo-Pacific is comparatively a very recent and...

Of Espionage and Deals With The Devils: Decoding The China-Pak Nexus in Afghanistan

By Bhavdeep Modi On December 19, 2020, it was reported that the Afghan National Directorate for Security (NDS) had exposed a deep espionage ring being operated under...

Petition to the United Nations on Human Rights Violations in Afghanistan by the Taliban and the Role of Pakistan and China

The takeover of Kabul by the Taliban has once again sparked fears of an oppressive rule that resembles its rule in Afghanistan between 1996-2001....
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