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The Trajectory of US-China Relations: Theoretical Perspectives

After the 9/11 attack, the relationship between US and China has re-invented itself to become even more uncertain. Some scholars have hinted towards increasing...

Asia: as different as it sounds from Europe

There’s a debate on whether the future of Asia is Europe’s past, its own past, or different altogether. While Friedberg argues that Asia’s future...

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Petition to the United Nations on Human Rights Violations in Afghanistan by the Taliban and the Role of Pakistan and China

The takeover of Kabul by the Taliban has once again sparked fears of an oppressive rule that resembles its rule in Afghanistan between 1996-2001....

Public Diplomacy Galore: As New Delhi and US resettle in the Global Order

By Dr. Manan Dwivedi * and Shonit Nayan ** Public Diplomacy is a spectacle par excellence but never a Tamasha, or a mere showmanship for...
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