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China and its Obsession with Claiming Territories

Many things come to play when a country goes beyond its border to make claims and acts on it. They invoke international law, invite...

Sri Lanka Crisis: Time to Revisit China’s Debt-Trap Diplomacy

Earlier this month, Mahinda Rajapaksa was forced to resign as the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka amidst violent protests over his government’s handling of...

China’s Maritime Rivalry With Greece

By Jim Aristopoulos (Social anthropologist and Historian) During the last decades, we have witnessed the economic rise of Far Eastern countries with the so called...

The Assassin’s Mace Theory

By Aditya Kumar In the current scenario of world dynamics, we always come across the power struggle in the International Order between USA and China....

China’s Arctic Strategy

By Grace Cheema The recent acceleration in the melting rate of the Arctic and the resultant ice-free seasons have opened up new avenues for the...

CPEC & Security Implications For India

By Bhavdeep Modi The China Pakistan Economic Corridor or simply CPEC, is the flagship initiative of Chinese investments in Pakistan under the Belt & Road...

The Stolen Child of Tibet

by Akshara Bharat For Tibetan Buddhists, the Panchen Lama is the second most important figure of reverence after the Dalai Lama, and plays a key...

China’s Mumbai Cyber Attack: Using Fear As A Tool for Diplomatic Strong-arming

By Bhavdeep Modi (Research Manager, Red Lantern Analytica and Post-graduate Student, JSIA, India) The Galwan clash between India and China in June 2020, and the...

China’s Algeria Connect

By Bhavdeep Modi China’s Algeria Connect: In May 2020, a spokesman for the Algerian President stated that China & Algeria share “distinguished relations”. He stressed on...

Armenia and India’s Vision of “North-South Corridor”: A Strategy or a “Pipe Dream”?

The International North-South Transport Corridor route via India, Iran, Azerbaijan/or/and Armenia (if possible) and Russia. (Source with permission: CSIS Reconnecting Asia, Competing Visions) On March...