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Armenian Factor in the Civilizational Transition

Mankind's cosmic history has come to the brink of annihilation many times, and it has been saved many times․ The Armenian Highland and the...

Book Review: “In the Camps: China’s High-Tech Penal Colony” Authored by Dareen Byler

Describing the maximum-security "re-education" facilities that the Chinese Communist Party has built-in Xinjiang since 2017, it is difficult to avoid comparisons to concentration camps. Tragedies...

Statement on Turkey Becoming a Safe Haven for Criminals Under Erdoğan

According to the Global Organised Crime Index 2021,  “Turkey has become known as the Mafia state and evidence suggests that this is the case...

The US-China rivalry, Cold War or cold war?

Scholars differentiate between the terms Cold War and cold war to distinguish between what might seem like a regular cold war (i.e., the rivalry...

Statement on US House Speaker’s Plan to Address the ‘Rise of Chinese Communist Party’

The former US House of Representatives Speaker, Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan in August 2022 ignited the most severe Taiwan Strait Crisis ever with...

A Taliban takeover which benefitted no one

The US troops had not even left Afghanistan when the Taliban took control of Kabul. On 16th August, a day after Kabul fell to...

South Asia: not one but many

South Asia has a long-shared history of ancestry, culture, and colonisation (most of it, not all) and a history of partition, struggle for independence...

China’s aggression across the Taiwan strait in 2022

What’s in the menu US speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan in August 2022 saw a record number of Chinese aircraft incursions near to Taiwan,...

Sri Lanka Crisis: Time to Revisit China’s Debt-Trap Diplomacy

Earlier this month, Mahinda Rajapaksa was forced to resign as the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka amidst violent protests over his government’s handling of...

The COVID-19 Pandemic and Chinese Strategy

Author: Mintu Barua During the COVID-19 pandemic, China has been extending its financial muscle in the BRI countries. Using the opportunity of the COVID-19 pandemic,...