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Manchuria’s resistance against Chinese Communist Party’s illegal occupation

Manchuria’s resistance against Chinese Communist Party’s illegal occupation

New Delhi: China does not just occupy countries and regions such as Tibet, East Turkistan, and Hong Kong; but also Manchukuo in its northeast which is also significant and has been illegally held by the Chinese Communist Party for decades, said Arslan Sartak, Prime Minister of the Government of Manchuria in Exile and President of the Concordia Association.

As per Arslan Sartak, Manchukuo was founded in 1932 and had established itself as a constitutional monarchy by 1934. By the 1940s, Manchukuo had become one of East Asia’s fastest-growing states but was regrettably occupied by the Soviet Union in 1945 and eventually handed over to the PRC in 1949. China has been occupying the region illegally since then.

“Manchukuo, under pressure from the USSR, was in the process of establishing anti-communist mechanisms in their country in order to counter communist influence from the USSR and China. Following World War II’s conclusion, Russia became the primary adversary to western nations such as the United States, and China took advantage of the upheaval to seize control of Manchukuo.” said Arslan Sartak, Prime Minister of the Government of Manchuria in Exile and President of the Concordia Association during a webinar.

A webinar titled ‘Manchurian Resistance against Chinese Communist Party’s Occupation organized by Red Lantern Analytica aimed to educate participants about China’s illegal occupation of Manchukuo.

Arslan stated, Since 1932, Manchuria has been a sovereign state, and China’s illegal occupation will not change that fact. He also stated that China never followed correct international procedures in integrating Manchuria into China, and hence stills remains a sovereign state under international law added Arslan.

He also believes that Manchuria should be autonomous and independent of the CCP. He asserted that the Manchurian people cannot endure under CCP control and that the CCP had destroyed all political systems in Manchuria since assuming power.

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