Pratyush Manoj Nair


Pratyush Manoj Nair is currently pursuing his Master’s in Diplomacy, Law and Business from OP Jindal University, Sonipat. He completed his undergraduation in English, Political Science and History from Christ University, Bangalore. He has worked at think tanks such as United Sevices Institution (USI), New Delhi where he dedicated his time to reserach on the Kashmir Insurgency and the Pakistani network of terror within Kashmir. He has also worked with the Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF). During his stint at VIF, he worked on Myanmar and created a database on the Civil War that has engulfed the country for the past 72 years. He also worked on India’s growing trend of using ‘Defence Diplomacy’ as a tool of International Relations. Pratyush has a keen interest in writing and has written various articles and papers on the numerous issues that are there in the International Sphere. He has also successfully finished his dissertation in the Kashmir Insurgency. Owing to his interest in academics, Partyush has also done certificate courses on topics such as National Security, Strategic Studies, Maritime Security etc. Apart from academics, Pratyush is also a strong sportsperson. He has played Basketball for his college and school at various levels. He has also participated in various extra-curricular activities throughout such as debate, extempore etc. His area of research largely includes Strategic Studies, National Security, CI-CT Ops and International terrorism. He has also worked upon Islam and how the religion plays out in the Kashmir valley. He is very keen in Chinese studies as well. As part of this, Partyush is also keen student of the Mandarin language. At RLA, Partyush shall be working on the hegemonic rise of China and how it threatens the current world order. In specific, he shall ne working on the Chinese ‘Maritime Silk Route’ (MSR) which is part of it’s ambitious BRI. He shall also be looking at how China behaves with it’s immediate neighbours apart from India and that becomes a threat to the Indian sovereignty.