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Statement condemning China Coast Guard’s use of force on Philippine military ship in the South China Sea

In a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black, China accuses the Philippines of ‘illegally’ entering its waters in the disputed South China Sea. China fired water cannon at the vessels of the Philippines and blocked them. Philippine Coast Guard vessels were escorting ships carrying supplies to military troops stationed in Second Thomas Shoal. This marks another attempt by China to assert its claims over the territories of the South China Sea.

“We call on the China Coast Guard and the Central Military Commission to act with prudence and be responsible in their actions to prevent miscalculations and accidents that will endanger people’s lives,” the Philippines armed forces said. The US condemned Beijing’s “dangerous actions” and blamed Chinese “maritime militia” for the incident. The U.S. State Department said in a statement that “firing water cannons and employing unsafe blocking maneuvers, PRC ships interfered with the Philippines’ lawful exercise of high seas freedom of navigation and jeopardized the safety of the Philippine vessels and crew.” It further added that such actions by the PRC are a direct threat to “regional peace and stability.”

China has emerged as a threat to global peace. Its moves are dangerous & destabilizing. The CCP China claims “indisputable sovereignty” over almost all of the 1.3 million square miles South China Sea, as well as most of the islands within it. Its claims are ridiculous. China has increased hostile actions in the region like the construction of artificial islands on several reefs and shoals, military deployments, establishment of military units, etc. China’s aggressive actions are a big threat to the regional balance of power. China is not a peace-loving nation. It has serious differences with almost all its neighbours. China’s flawed diplomacy & its sinister expansionist agenda are threatening global peace.

Using its economic and militaristic powers, China wants to project itself as an advocate for the entire Asian continent. China has 17 territorial disputes with its neighbours. There is no country in China’s neighbourhood that it has not clashed with regarding land or maritime issues. The need of the hour is to unite against China’s neo-imperialist tactics or else China will create more hurdles for the world altogether.

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