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Statement condemning PRC’s stand over Indian PM’s reply to Taiwanese President’s greetings

We strongly condemn People’s Republic of China’s (PRC) irrational behaviour in protesting a cordial exchange between the leaders of two democracies, namely India and Taiwan. The recent protest lodged by the PRC over Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s social media interaction with Taiwan President Lai Ching te is unjustified and unwarranted. It is disappointing that the PRC wants to assert control over India’s diplomatic engagements and attempts to dictate terms on whom India can communicate with.

It is important to clarify that India’s relationship with Taiwan is based on mutual respect and shared interests, and does not necessitate PRC’s permission or approval. India upholds the principles of sovereignty and independent foreign policy decisions and will continue to engage with nations worldwide, including Taiwan, in the pursuit of national interests.

The exchange of congratulatory messages between Prime Minister Modi and President Lai was simply ceremonial and reflects the spirit of mutual respect and goodwill between the two democracies. There is no justification for PRC’s exaggerated reaction and interference in India’s diplomatic affairs.

PRC’s insistence on protesting such harmless exchanges only underscores its inability to tolerate the diplomatic freedom of other nations and its refusal to acknowledge Taiwan’s rightful place as a democratic entity on the global stage.

India believes in fostering friendships based on mutual respect, shared values, and mutual benefit. Coercion and intimidation have no place in diplomatic relations, and India remains committed to building partnerships with Taiwan and other nations based on these principles.

India reiterates its commitment to maintaining independent and sovereign relations with all nations, including Taiwan. It is well within India’s rights to engage with Taiwan on matters of mutual interest without seeking China’s permission. The One China principle, while respected by many nations, does not impede India’s right to engage with Taiwan on non-official, ceremonial matters.

We call upon the PRC to respect India’s and Taiwan’s sovereignty and independence and to refrain from interfering in their diplomatic affairs. We stand firm in our commitment to upholding the principles of democracy, freedom and sovereignty in the face of unjustified opposition.

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