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Statement condemning the PRC’s unwarranted comments against India’s PM visit to Arunachal Pradesh

We strongly denounce the People’s Republic of China’s unjustified and gratuitous remarks against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Arunachal Pradesh. The PRC protest is an act of interference in India’s domestic affairs and a clear violation of India’s sovereignty. It is an attempt to undermine its democratic process and we strongly condemn such actions and demand that PRC refrain from any further interference in India’s internal matters.

Arunachal Pradesh is an innate and inseparable part of India. The visits of Indian leaders to any region of the country are a matter of India’s sovereign authority that cannot be questioned. It is unacceptable for any nation to meddle in India’s internal affairs or impede the movement of its leaders. The PRC’s efforts to sabotage such visits are inappropriate and reveal its sanctimonious behaviour.

India staunchly upholds its people’s freedom with unwavering democratic beliefs, in stark contrast to the autocratic communist dictatorship of the People’s Republic of China, notorious for trampling on the rights of its citizens and suppressing them. The people of Arunachal Pradesh don’t need any advice from any third unrelated country on their affairs. It has the unassailable right to determine its own destiny, free from any external pressure or interference from the People’s Republic of China.

We urge the People’s Republic of China to uphold India’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and avoid engaging in similar provocative activities in the future. This behaviour simply aggravates tensions in the Indian Subcontinent. Such visits are a sovereign matter and should not be a cause for contention with any other nation. China’s response reflects a disregard for our sovereignty and an attempt to meddle in our internal affairs, which is unacceptable.

India firmly reiterates its commitment to peaceful coexistence and cooperation with all its neighbouring countries, including Tibet, which is currently under the illegal military occupation of the PRC. We will take every necessary measure to safeguard our sovereignty and territorial integrity against any external aggression or interference from Beijing.

We call on the international community to back India’s stance on this issue and demand that the People’s Republic of China comply with international law principles and acknowledge India’s sovereignty.

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