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Statement on US House Speaker’s Plan to address the ‘Rise of Chinese Communist Party’

The former US House of Representatives Speaker, Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan in August 2022 ignited the most severe Taiwan Strait Crisis ever with the Chinese President Xi Jinping being left insecure about his dreams of a national reunification with the island nation. What followed was a series of Chinese air strikes in Taiwan’s Air Defence Identification Zone (AIDZ) to instil fear among the Taiwanese government and people. The world, however rose in support of the democratically elected nation and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is once again huffing and puffing to pursue its hegemonic desires.

The newly elected Speaker of the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, swooned the Americans with his inaugural speech where he pledged that the house will address the ‘rise of the Chinese Communist party’ and further went on to say that he wanted the US to win the economic competition which China as well.

The trade war between the US and China had been the talk of the town for the recent few years. To tackle this, he proposed to create a bipartisan Select Committee on US-China Strategic Competition to investigate thoroughly on how the hundreds of thousands of jobs that went to China needed to be brought back.

The world will agree to the fact that while the global leaders followed policies to help China grow for decades, the CCP has returned only betrayal, oppression and put out aggressive desires to alter the global order, both economically and ideologically. The newly elected speaker made it absolutely clear that “the era of trusting communist China is over” as most of its military and economy grew at the expense of democracy, freedom and human rights.

Mr. McCarthy emphasized that the bipartisan task force will not only focus on economic arenas but will also look into crucial matters like China stealing the intellectual property rights, American farmlands being bought by the CCP, Chinese propaganda in schools and lobbying efforts in the US, and how China controlled so much of the pharmaceutical sector that it created a total havoc during Covid-19 pandemic etc. So this committee will offer comprehensive recommendations for policy matters encompassing economic investment, technological progress and national security. The speaker further mentioned that he wanted to prevent trillions of the American dollars from financing communist genocide and military modernisation.

While the speech acknowledges that CCP is a common hurdle for all and the promises made look really enticing, it is now time for the world to mirror this enthusiasm and initiate a collective action to put an end to the CCP authoritarianism.

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